Free Tour Heroes with Zaragoza Free Tour

Free Tour Heroes with Zaragoza Free Tour

Welcome to the sixth instalment of our ongoing Free Tour Heroes series, shining a spotlight on some of the winners of the 2018 annual awards recognising the best free tour providers and guides around the world.
Taking a closer look at the people, places, and passions behind the best free tours worldwide, as rated by users, this time we focus not on a free tour company, but an individual local guide, Diego Laborda, who was awarded the number two spot in the category of ‘Best Spanish tour guide’ in the world.


Elevated view over main square in Zaragoza, Spain


In the Spotlight: Zaragoza Free Tour

Diego is the man behind Zaragoza Free Tour which runs twice daily, 10:00 in Spanish and at 16:30 in English. The tour starts from Plaza del Pilar, just one of the must-see tourist attractions in Zaragoza, Spain’s fifth largest city nestled in the Aragon region of the north-east.


The man who started Zaragoza free walking tour in Zaragoza, Spain, standing beside a statue in the city


Although lesser explored than the major cities, it is no less worthy of a trip; intriguing history, beautiful architecture, incredible art, vibrant culture and a celebrated gastronomic scene are but some of the lures of Zaragoza, something Diego is evidently proud of as we get the local low-down and some insider tips.

What’s your favourite stop on your free tour?

“Undoubtedly, the most important building in this city is the Basilica cathedral, called "El Pilar". The building was bombed during the Spanish civil war in 1936 and two of the 3 bombs are still kept inside the building. That is something people are not able to find in any other cathedral all over the world. Inside this amazing building, we can also see ‘Our Lady of the Pilar’ and two paintings made by Francisco de Goya. That is what makes this building one of the most interesting places to visit in this lovely city”.


Basilica del ilar in Zaragoza illuminated with lights at sunset


Other than your tour, what three things should visitors not miss in Zaragoza?

“You cannot leave Zaragoza without trying some of the best tapas in the area that we called "El Tubo (the tube).

The most beautiful building that we don't see during the tour is the Muslim palace "La Aljafería", still used as part of the regional government. Its resemblance to the south of Spain makes Zaragoza a city with a very interesting contrast that reflects the evolution and history of this place.

The Goya museum is quite interesting if you like paintings. There are also four different museums about Roman history: Roman Forum, River Port, Roman Theatre and Roman Baths”.


Taste tapas in Madrid


Three reasons to join Zaragoza Free Tour?

“You will have a local guide - that means you are going to learn about Zaragoza from someone who really knows the place intimately.

You will get the kind of info that people usually don't get from google or Wikipedia, and that is what makes this experience the best way to learn about a new place; tours focused on secrets and curiosities that sometimes even many local people don't know all about.

The atmosphere in a Free Tour is always nice, you will be given the chance of deciding the value and the work made by the guide at the end of the tour. It is always a friendly way to discover the city. In my own experience as a traveller, this is the best way to get to know a place, just enjoy the experience and don't hesitate to ask any questions during the tour”.


A group of tourists taking part in a free walking tour in Zaragoza , Spain, with their free tour guide.


Why did you create a free walking tour in Zaragoza?

“I have been a free tour guide for just over a year now, since July 2017, and, for me, just having the chance of showing my city to different visitors from everywhere in the world is a reason good enough to become a guide.
In my opinion, it is my own way to contribute and improve tourism. I am more than happy whenever a tourist is interested in visiting a city that is not as famous as Madrid or Barcelona are. Usually, travellers want to visit the capital or the most famous places and, often, they forget places that are also full of history and are quite interesting.


Why, do you think, is your free tour award-winning?

As a local, I can’t help but feel a passion for the place where I was born and raised. I don't think it is completely necessary to be a local in order to make a great guide, but it is something that people appreciate”.


The umbrella at the meeting point of Zaragoza free walking tour in Zaragoza, Spain


You can book your spot on a free walking tour of Zaragoza with Diego, as well as other tour providers in the city on or the FREE TOUR app with instant confirmation and free booking on tours and things to do across the globe. You’ll also be able to rate and review the tours afterwards to keep other travellers informed and help decide the next award winners.

Next time, we take a look at Beyond Coloumbia Free Walking Tour Bogota and get the local low-down on a turbulent history and a free walking tour team passionate about Bogota's, and Coloumbia's, bright and beautiful future. Until then, happy touring and happy Christmas.

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