A new kind of Walking Tour arrives to town

A new kind of Walking Tour arrives to town

Are you a fan of escape games? Do you love following clues and discovering hidden information? Then we have good news for you - a city tour with a difference! 

Freetour.com is glad to introduce a new and unique Tour Provider: Questo. This award-winning travel app takes tourists on city exploration games in which you must solve clues to discover new places and local stories. Joining in is as easy as checking out the destinations where they offer activities, choosing the one that fits your interests, and booking it online! 

Every activity is different - each route in the Questo mobile app is created around a specific theme, which can be inspired by a movie, a book or a local legend. What makes these itineraries unique is that they all include original clues, questions and challenges that ensure a treasure-hunting experience. This is not only a great activity to include in your trip, it also offers the exceptional opportunity to learn more about your destination in a very interactive way. You will find yourself reading about history, traditions, and interesting facts to get you to the next step of the itinerary. Finding out more about a city becomes an interactive adventure


Questo is currently available in over 80 cities worldwide such as Rome, San Francisco, or Seoul. You can already book some of their activities on our website: the Medieval Legends and Mysteries Quest around Vienna, or the Romantic Montmartre Exploration Game in Paris are just two examples of the amazing adventures you could join.

Questo is a self-guided tour experience, so you can enjoy discovering the city at your own pace. You’ll receive all the necessary instructions for playing as soon as you book, and the app will give you directions and show you around. Travelers who have already tried the experience also say in their reviews that you can contact Questo if you need any help with something and they respond really quickly. So, you’re totally covered! 

It’s easy to see why this app has become so popular. In the past year, more than 60,000 people have finished a city exploration game while walking more than 200,000 kilometers to discover hidden locations, fascinating history, and local stories using the Questo mobile app. Some of the advantages praised by travelers include the fun ways of discovering a city, and the flexibility - the game can be started at any hour of the day or night, and you can pause it if you want to take a break, deviate from the route, or spend longer at a specific stop on the way. 

While some people like meeting fellow travelers on a walking tour, others prefer more private activities. Joining a Questo tour gives you the chance to explore a city with just your friends or family, or indeed as a solo traveller, rather than in a group.

It’s not just for travel either, these Questo tours are also an ideal way to learn more about your home city. Maybe you won’t join a traditional walking tour (which wouldn’t be a bad idea though!), but going on a mission of discovery around familiar streets, a perfect mix of tour and a treasure hunt, sounds like a great weekend plan. You will likely be surprised by all the interesting facts and legends that you didn’t know about, and you might even discover new places! 

Read more about Free Walking Tours and book unique activities all over the world on our website.

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