Food Freetour Old Town Snack Pintxos Bars

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Duration: 2:15
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Overview of the tour in Bilbao

Come with us to discover the Old Town of Bilbao and its wonderful world of pintxos. We take you to the best tapas and pintxos bars, in the most representative area of the city.
Get to know the different streets of the old town and its history, and come to discover the places frequented by the people of Bilbao. Nothing of expensive and tourist bars. All by and for locals,
We will advise you on what to do and where and what to eat, as well as any other useful information that we can provide you.

This activity includes:

  • Plaza
  • Plaza Nueva

Our Guides

Pablo Miralles — Guide of Food Freetour Old Town Snack Pintxos Bars, Spain
Pablo Miralles

Meeting point

Plaza Nueva under the clock

On arrival

We will meet in the Plaza Nueva in the old town of Bilbao
Under the clock exactly
You can get there from the old town metro exits in one minute, or if you prefer, by entering Post Office Street from the river area, turning the first left and going up the stairs.
We advise against going by car. The closest car park is the Arenal car park and the old town hardly has areas that can be passed by car.

Things to note

We recommend buying a Barik card for tourists who come in a number greater than two people. Although it is not necessary for the visit it will help them move around the city

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English  |  7:30 PM & 7:35 PM
from €0 Tip based
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