Patan Heritage Day Tour

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Duration: 8 hours
Provided by Prem Lamichhane
English  |  8:30 AM & 8:00 AM

Overview of the tour in Bhaktapur

Begin at Durbar Square, a time-honored plaza adorned with temples and palaces. Continue to the Patan Museum, where centuries of art and artifacts tell the city's story. Witness skilled artisans at work, crafting metal and wood into intricate creations. Guided by experts, this tour offers a rich understanding of Patan's history, artistry, and vibrant traditions.

-Durbar Square Exploration: Start your day at Durbar Square, where ancient architecture and historic temples take you back in time.
-Patan Museum: Immerse yourself in the city's artistic heritage at the -Patan Museum, discovering sculptures and paintings that depict Nepal's cultural evolution.
-Artisan Workshops: Witness artisans shaping metal and wood into intricate masterpieces, gaining insight into the traditional craftsmanship that defines Patan.
-Cultural Immersion: Engage with local culture, architecture, and traditions, leaving with a deeper appreciation for Patan's rich heritage.

This activity includes:

  • Kathmandu Durbar Square
  • Kathmandu Fun Park
  • Patan Museum
  • Guide
  • Water
  • Local transport

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English  |  8:30 AM & 8:00 AM
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