Berlin is a beer capital, that's well-known, and locals love to enjoy a beer in the park, on the street, on the S-Bahn, in a Biergarten, or indeed anywhere because drinking beer in public is totally acceptable and, unlike most other places, very normal.

Beer is cheap, relatively speaking, here too and sold practically everywhere so beer is kind of unavoidable in Berlin. Berliner is arguably the most common and widely available bottled beer but Berlin is hipster-central and where there's hipsters there's a innumerable amount of craft beers on offer. Berlin is, like many cities with a long legacy of beer brewing, experiencing the recent explosion in craft beer producers in the last 10 years or so and we recommend sampling as many of these as you can get your lips on but especially Brewbaker, Heidenpeters, Schoppe Bräu and Bierfabrik - certainly worthy contenders for your new favourite beer(s).

Drinks will obviously cost more in bars, clubs and pubs than from a store but is still relatively cheap compared to most other destinations. The party goes all night long in Berlin and some of the best night-life is in and around Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain and the up-and-coming area of Neukölln.