The Best of Athens in 3 Hours

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Duration: 3 hours
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Spanish  |  9:30 AM & 3:15 PM
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Overview of the tour in Athens

Welcome to our Great Walk of Athens in Spanish. The city of the birth of democracy, modern Olympic Games, of impressive Acropolis, and mythology, with its gods & goddesses.

Let the history compel you around places like the Temple of Olympian Zeus and the amazing Agora of Athens, the center of the political, commercial, administrative, and social activity of the ancient city. Discover the remarkable Modern Olympic Stadium Kallimármaro and the history of the Old Panathinaikos Stadium.

Pass by the Library of the Roman Emperor Hadrian, the Roman Market and the fascinating Tower of the Winds. Marvel at the flora and fauna of the National Garden of Athens, formerly known as the Royal Garden.

Go ahead and stroll through the old and modern neighborhoods on this Great Walk of Athens in Spanish full of history, mythology, religion, and Greek culture.

This activity includes:

  • Athens National Garden
  • Temple of Olympian Zeus
  • Tower of the Winds
  • Roman Forum of Athens (Roman Agora)
  • Panathenaic Stadium
  • No entramos a los sitios arqueológicos

Meeting point

Church of Ayios Eleytherios

On arrival

Church of Ayios Eleytherios

Things to note

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Spanish  |  9:30 AM & 3:15 PM
from €0 Tip based
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