"Antwerp at Your Feet" Walking Tour

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Duration: 2:30
Provided by Humberto Cruz lara
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Spanish  |  9:15 AM
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Overview of the tour in Antwerp

Our tour will start at the central station of Antwerpen we will know a little about its history and its architecture, we will move a little walking to the great wall of graffiti where we will see an impressive collection of urban art made by the best exhibitors in Europe and the world, we will be able to know Architectural wonderland that is a little explored area and that shows you 19th century buildings with an impressive architecture, later on we can stop and enjoy a delicious beer in the Bar Square while we contemplate a bit of the culture of the place, we will return for the same daily streets of the city and we will go straight to the center of old Antwerp, history and emotions are felt at every step, we will be able to walk its alleys, visit its great buildings and try its gastronomy or its incredible French fries (which are originally from Belgium) and we will culminate with an incredible view of the city in one of the newest museums in the region, come with me, you won't regret it

This activity includes:

  • Antwerp City Hall
  • Cathedral of Our Lady Antwerp
  • Het Steen
  • Antwerp Central Station
  • Grote Markt - Large market
  • Graffiti Wall
  • arquitectual wonderland
  • bar square
  • fashion street
  • old town
  • MAS Museum
  • Antwerp river

Meeting point

Central Station

On arrival

Central Station es el corazón de Antwerp, desde aquí se reciben y se envían todos los trenes, y autobuses hacia el resto de Bélgica y a muchos otros destinos de Europa, sera muy fácil encontrarlo ya que el 99% de los turistas que llegan a Antwerp llegan a este punto, así que ahí los espero

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Spanish  |  9:15 AM
from €0 Tip based
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