Smartno, Fortified Eagle's Nest Free Tour

Duration: 1:00
Provided by Irena Marc
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Overview of the tour in Ajdovscina

Join me on a walk-through time on the cobbled streets of the medieval village Šmartno in the picturesque Goriška Brda region in Slovenia, a small country in the heart of Europe.

What plans did Leonardo da Vinci have with this region? Who were Koloni and how did they live? How did being on the front line of Soča front in the first world war change the village? Why was it in such disrepair in the 80s? How does the heart of this medieval jewel beat today? Learn this and more on my walking tour of Šmartno!

This activity includes:

  • Briška hiša
  • Župnijska cerkev sv. Martina
  • TIC Brda
  • Nona Luisa
  • distinctive architecture
  • tour of fully furnished farmer's house from 19th century
  • church tour
  • highlights of Goriška Brda region
  • visit to Tourist Information centre
  • visit to lavender products shop
  • before-after renovation photos

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Irena Marc — Guide of Smartno, Fortified Eagle's Nest Free Tour, Slovenia
Irena Marc

Meeting point

bus station in front of Šmartno village

On arrival

I will be expecting you at the bus station in front of Šmartno village, by the information board about the region, I will be wearing a T-shirt with Brda cherry on it.

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English  |  9:00 AM
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu
from €0 Tip based