Free Heritage & Spiritual Walking Tour

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Duration: 2:00
Provided by Jain Prasad
English  |  11:00 AM & 9:00 AM
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Overview of the tour in Varanasi

Itinerary of the tour:
Start the tour at Hotel Ganges Grand.
Walk through Bangali Tola Gali, a narrow alley famous for its street art and paintings. Next stop for a snack at Dadaji da Daba, a popular local eatery that serves delicious chaat and other snacks.
Moving forward, visit Khicadi Baba Temple, a small temple dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Explore the bustling vegetable market and learn about the different types of products that are grown and sold in Varanasi.
Next, visit Dashashwamedh Ghat, one of the most famous and vibrant ghats in Varanasi.

Next, visit the Nepali Temple, a unique temple that Nepali artisans built. Moving forward, walk through the Kashi Corridor, a narrow alleyway that connects several ghats.

Finally, visit the Burning Ghat, where cremations occur 24 hours daily. Learn about the customs and traditions around death in Varanasi and gain a unique perspective on life and death in the city. The tour will conclude at the Burning Ghat, and the guide will be happy to assist you in arranging transportation back to your hotel or next destination.

This activity includes:

  • Nepali Temple
  • Hotel Ganges Grand - Varanasi
  • Dashashwamedh Ghat
  • Khichdi baba ka Mandir
  • Vegetable Market

Our Guides

Jain Prasad — Guide of Free Heritage & Spiritual Walking Tour, India
Jain Prasad

Meeting point

Hotel Ganges Grand - Varanasi

On arrival

We will meet at Hotel Ganges Grand - Varanasi.
Before the tour begins, I will provide a comprehensive briefing that covers the tour protocol, and the starting and ending points, and address any questions that may arise in our guests' minds.

As tourists, you will have the opportunity to witness cremations on funeral pyres, allowing you to contemplate the transient nature of life. Observing the solemn last rites performed by many at the narrow alley ghats and witnessing young boys getting their heads shaved for the first time, you will come to realize the depth of unquestioning faith.

Our guests will leave with a profound sense of having experienced the City of Light rather than merely having visited it.

Things to note

Please wear sunglasses and a mask while walking. It's advisable to dress appropriately, as we will be visiting a temple during our walk. In the summer months, using an umbrella is recommended. Please adhere to your guide's instructions, but also immerse yourself in the experience.

Free Cancellation

You are free to cancel a booking anytime. We kindly remind you to cancel bookings you cannot arrive for. Being reported as absent decreases your customer level points and the benefits you can enjoy.

English  |  11:00 AM & 9:00 AM
from €0 Tip based
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