Free Tour: St. Petersburg Heart of Imperial Russia

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Duration: 3h 30min
Provided by Ruslan Ledyayev (RusLed)
Spanish  |  9:45 AM
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Overview of the tour in St Petersburg

On this tour, guided by a local who is truly in love with his city, you will discover extraordinary architecture and breathtaking views of historic St. Petersburg.

You will get to know the key figures in the development of the Russian Empire and hear the story of how and why this city was founded, why it became capital in its time.
Observing buildings of various ages and centuries, which will pass in front of us, you will absorb the spirit of the magnificent St. Petersburg.
Strolling and breathing the air of the cultural capital of Russia you will unfold the hidden secrets of the city. You will know the origin of famous matryoshkas, Fabergé eggs and the reason for the sudden jump of Russia towards Europe.

We will visit the Cathedral of Our Lady of Kazan and 2 other churches comparing 3 different religions. We will also pass by the widest bridge in the world and reach the Palace Square with the famous Hermitage and the Neva River, the largest river in Europe.

You will understand, why the Russians themselves say that Moscow is for work and St. Petersburg - for love!

Meeting point

Jardín de Catalina II

On arrival

Meeting point: The monument of Catalina Segunda in the center of the Garden of Catalina II.
Garden of Catherine II is located at the center of Nevsky Avenue. I'll be waiting next to monument with a "RusLed" sign in my hand.
For any notification or delay, inform me in advance by the contact email indicated in the booking confirmation.

Things to note

It is important to wear comfortable clothes, especially shoes. Also, you can bring a raincoat or umbrella. The weather in St. Petersburg is changing very quickly and if the sun hides, it may be quite cold.
Please, at the time of making the reservation - leave your contact number. I try to communicate with everyone before the tour to confirm it and leave my personal contacts just in case :)

Free Cancellation

You are free to cancel a booking anytime. We kindly remind you to cancel bookings you cannot arrive for. Being reported as absent decreases your customer level points and the benefits you can enjoy.

Spanish  |  9:45 AM
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