Free Walking Tour Sarria

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Duration: 1h 30min
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Spanish  |  6:00 PM
Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat
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Overview of the tour in Sarria

We will meet in the center of Sarria, in Praza da Vila. We will place our protagonist in history and we will tell you about its origins. After strolling through the town, we will take you to the Malecón and next to the Pilgrim monument we will tell you everything you need to know to make your way an unforgettable experience: what is the Compostela, why the Way is marked with yellow arrows and the reason that its symbol is the shell.

We will fill our bottles in the "Escaleira da Fonte" and then explain the typical houses of the area, visit the Church of Santa Mariña and the Praza da Constitución, where we find the birthplace of Matías López, which was dedicated to making one of the sweets most popular out there.

After strolling through the historic center we will go up to the Mirador de la Cárcel where we will talk about the cruises. Before saying goodbye, ask the guide for all your doubts. He will be happy to recommend places to visit or where to eat! Let yourself be guided by us!

This activity includes:

  • Iglesia de Santa María de Sarria
  • A Escaleira da fonte
  • Praza da Vila
  • Guía oficial acreditado por la Xunta de Galicia

Our Guides

David — Guide of Free Walking Tour Sarria, Spain
Lucía — Guide of Free Walking Tour Sarria, Spain
Merichel — Guide of Free Walking Tour Sarria, Spain

Meeting point

Praza da Vila Sarria

On arrival

We will meet at Praza da Vila. Look for the blue umbrella.

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Spanish  |  6:00 PM
Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat
from €0 Tip based