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Duration: 2:00
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Spanish  |  11:00 AM
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Overview of the tour in Orense

We will start with the Roman past of Ourense in Las Burgas, ancient hot springs where the Romans used to go to enjoy and that today are still done by the people of Ourense. We will continue entering the Old Town until we reach the Plaza Mayor, where we will find some of the main monuments such as the Town Hall or the Episcopal Palace.

We will continue through different squares with names that already tell us about the past of the activity of the people of Ourense such as the Plaza del Trigo until we reach the beautiful Cathedral, Romanesque and Gothic and whose “Pórtico del Paraíso” has little to envy the famous “Pórtico de la Gloria” of the Cathedral of Santiago.

We will continue towards the Alameda and its beautiful Mercado de Abastos where we will see all the fresh Galician products, and we will later arrive at the Plaza do Ferro, known as the wine area. We will continue to finish by very mysterious places that will surprise you in the city of Ourense.

This activity includes:

  • Praza do Ferro
  • As Burgas
  • Visit the principal streets in the Old Town
  • Group Picture at the end
  • Discover the main monuments of the city

Meeting point

Fuente as Burgas

On arrival

Look the white umbrella at As Burgas at 11.00h.

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Spanish  |  11:00 AM
Sat, Sun
from €0 Tip based