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Naples – So much more than pizzas and Piazzas

Nestled near Mount Vesuvius, the ancient city on the Bay of Naples makes for a truly wonderful break. The crust of its famous pizza may be distinctively thin but the legacy of Naples’ rich and remarkable history, heritage & culture is certainly not thin on the ground. Wonderful architecture, art & archaeological treasures are set against a backdrop of beautiful sea-view panoramas while a healthy streak of modern urban grit blends with historic grandeur & sophisticated elegance.

A free walking tour of Naples with a friendly, authentic local guide is a must do in this intriguing city for insight on everything Naples. Explore fascinating history and discover amazing sights including Naples Cathedral, beautiful frescoes & statues in the Chapel of San Gennaro, Royal Palace, Castel Nuovo, Via Toledo, the underground city and so much more while getting great local hints, tips & recommendations.

Aside from feasting on a banquet of history, culture, art & architecture, food-lovers will be Naples-lovers as this city is epicurean heaven. Food & dining is a most important element of Italian, and especially Neapolitan, life and a vibrant social culture is fuelled by remarkable culinary legacy. And as the evening buzz of restaurants, pizzerias and cafes makes way for a fantastic atmospheric nightlife, you’ll know it won’t be long until you return to this exceptional city.