Ioannis’s Limassol Free Walking Tour

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Duration: 2:00
Provided by Ioannis Theofanous
English  |  3:00 PM
English  |  3:00 PM
Sat, Sun
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Overview of the tour in Limassol

Hey, my name is Ioannis, or you can call me “John“. I am a passionate local young Architect, and I would like to be your guide in the beautiful city of Limassol. The island’s second-largest city and main sea gate, it also hosts a unique multicultural historic core, a special commercial and business center, and an unparalleled seafront.

During our tour we will pass by some of the most characteristic buildings, sights, streets and places that will take us between the timeless and contemporary image of the city. We will learn the history and culture of the city from interesting facts and stories, discuss local themes, traditions, activities and events, and I will suggest you cozy and fancy places to enjoy Cypriot and other cuisines, bars for sensational cocktails and all-day bars for coffee and brunch!

Last but not least you will get the Limassol Outing Guide, a guide full of suggestions for places to see and things to do in Limassol, specially designed by me for you!!!

This activity includes:

  • Medieval Castle Square
  • The Old Carob Mill of Limassol
  • Agkyras Street
  • Zik Zak Street
  • The Great Mosque (Djami Kepir)
  • The road with the arches
  • Ayia Napa Cathedral
  • The 3-storey Lanitis Building
  • Limassol Town Hall
  • CUT (TEPAK) Senate Building
  • Saripolou Square
  • Old Central Market (Limassol Agora)
  • University Library Vasilis Michaelides
  • Agiou Andreou Street
  • Anexartisias Street
  • Molos Multifunctional Seaside Park
  • Molos Pier
  • Limassol Old Port
  • Limassol Marina
  • History & Culture
  • Activities & Events
  • Restaurants & Bars Recommendations

Our Guides

Ioannis (John) — Guide of Ioannis’s Limassol Free Walking Tour, Cyprus
Ioannis (John)

Meeting point

Medieval Castle Square, in front of the main entrance of the Castle

On arrival

Please meet me at the Medieval Castle Square, in front of the main entrance of the Castle. Check for a bald guy! :)

Things to note

• The only buildings we may enter at that time are the Ayia Napa Cathedral and the Limassol Agora.
• Booking in advance is appreciated.
• Please make sure your contact number is correct, so I can contact you if you're late.
• Also, please make sure to leave early enough to avoid traffic and be on time :)

Free Cancellation

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English  |  3:00 PM
English  |  3:00 PM
Sat, Sun
from €0 Tip based