Yoga Walking Tour

Duration: 1 hour
Provided by Eli

Overview of the tour in Lima

Starting point: Chipoco Stadium - Time: 4:50 pm
- Start of the tour: 5 pm.
We will walk to the Malecon Paul Harris. During the tour we will provide theoretical information about Yoga (Spanish and English)
- Start of Yoga classes: 5:15 pm
- Closing of the class: 6 pm

- He has been practicing yoga since he was 16 years old in his native North Carolina - USA.
- He is a certified Yoga Instructor from Rishikesh (India)
- Specializes in Yoga, Hatha and Chi gung
- Leads courses for all levels in a personalized way

- Each participant must attend with their yoga mat.

This activity includes:

  • Estadio Municipal Jose Galvez Chipoco
  • Incluye clases teóricas de Yoga

Meeting point

Estadio Chipoco Barranco (Puerta Av. Grau Barranco)

On arrival

The starting point is: Puerta Estadio Chipoco (Av. GRAU) next to the MAC (Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Lima) - Barranco.
We will be at the meeting point at 4:50 pm, wearing white polo shirts and caps with the logo of the coat of arms of Peru.

Things to note

After 5 pm we will leave walking towards the Paul Harris Malecon in Barranco, taking El Sol Avenue and heading towards the left side of the Malecon.
Attendees can arrive directly to the Malecon if they wish, because the practical Yoga classes start at 5:15 pm.

Free Cancellation

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