Fener-Balat Walking Tour

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Overview of the tour in Istanbul

Welcome to Ynsguide! We are professional tour guide brothers and sisters in Istanbul.

Fener-Balat walking tour in which many nationalities shared the same lands before and after Ottoman Empire came. Greeks, Armenians, Jews and if you search more you can find even the Prince of Romania living at Fener.

Join us and let's discover the lands that have seen the collapse of two empires, more than 20 conquests, Latin invasions, and different nationalities, and religions in one side you will see a mosque, then a church, and a synagogue.

District of Fener

1-Greek Patriarchate
Orthodox Patriarchate of Constantinople 1602-present
2-Private Marashli Greek Primary School
3-Colorful Stairs
4-Dimitrie Cantemir House Romanian Prince and Lord of Bogdan (Moldovia)
5-Church of Saint Mary of the Mongols (Bloody Mary Church) 1266
6-Phanar Greek Orthodox College 1881-Present
7-Aya Yorgi Metakhion Jerusalem
8-Panagia Paramythia Church

--------- District of Balat--------------

9-Sveti Stefan Bulgarian Church- 1896
10-Stair Hill Historic Balat Houses - Unesco Culture Heritage
11-Ahrida Synagogue 15th century

Meeting point

Next to the FENER Bus Station sea side / Eminönü-Eyüp Direction My red striped striped license will be on me

On arrival

Have a bus from Eminönü Pier (Bus Station)
The Bus numbers goes through ''FENER''

İf you are coming from "Taksim " you can get bus number "55t"

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English  |  10:30 AM & 2:00 PM
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