Essential Guimarães Free Tour

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Duration: 2:15
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Overview of the tour in Guimaraes

Guimarães is much more than a simple city. With a history of more than 1,000 years since the exceptional countess Mumadona Dias founded the town, Guimarães is today a kind of reunion with the medieval past of the Iberian Peninsula.

We begin the free tour at the Church of Our Lady of Consolation and Santos Pasos, designed by the famous baroque architect André Soares, where the famous Gualter Festivities are held in homage to San Gualter.

Next, we approach the city walls and begin our journey through the past of medieval times. We will cross areas full of history such as Largo do Toural and Praça de Santiago, and monuments such as the Padrão do Salado or the Church of Nossa Senhora da Oliveira. The visit ends on the way to the castle, where there are 3 of the most important monuments of the creation of Portugal: the Guimarães Castle, the Palace of the Dukes of Braganza, and the mystical Chapel of São Miguel.

Come and let yourself be carried away by the Romanesque portals, the medieval squares, and the centennial arches. Our guides, specialists in history, are full of secrets to share. Essential.

This activity includes:

  • Capela de Santa Cruz
  • Igreja e Oratórios de Nossa Senhora da Consolação e Santos Passos
  • Church of Saint Francis
  • Antigo Convento de Santa Clara
  • Dom Afonso Henriques
  • Estátua da Condessa Mumadona Dias
  • Guimarães Castle
  • Palace Duques de Bragança
  • Igreja de São Miguel do Castelo
  • Padrão do Salado
  • Igreja Nossa Senhora do Carmo
  • Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Oliveira
  • Largo Toural
  • Largo da Oliveira
  • Largo de São Tiago
  • Calle Santa María
  • Largo Cónego José Maria Gomes
  • Casa Gótica de Valadares
  • Casa del Arco
  • Camino del Castillo

Meeting point

Iglesia de San Gualter

On arrival

You will find our guides in front of the Church of Nossa Senhora da Consolação e dos Passos.
Look for the blue umbrella.

Groups of 7 or more are always welcome. In this case, we require a deposit of 10€ per adult and 5€ per young person under 18 years old. Children under 14 years old are free of charge. This principle results from the need to protect and value the level of quality and dedication that we demand from our local Take Lisboa guides.

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Spanish  |  10:45 AM
Spanish  |  3:00 PM
from €0 Tip based
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