Walking Tour Gouda All Inclusive

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Duration: 2h 30min
Provided by Suzanne Hanraets
English  |  2:00 PM
Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun
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Overview of the tour in Gouda

What does Collected Stories offer? You will see and pass by the Highlights (see the monuments below), small alleys, old houses, and canals! What's included:

- coffee, tea, juice, or water and a real Gouda syrup waffle.
- a maximum of 6 persons per group.

What makes Collected Stories, the starting point of the tour, so special?
Collected Stories is located in one of the smallest canal houses in Gouda! It has been registered in the books since 1366. Because it is so small (just 2.55 in width), the concept store is really tiny and has a cozy atmosphere.

The Highlights
- De Visbanken (Fish market).
The monument where we have our first stop is the Visbanken.
- Gouwekerk (Gouwe church).
We will see the Gouwe church.
- Stadhuis Gouda (City Hall).
The medieval city hall of Gouda is one of the most beautiful in Holland! We will pass by the City Hall and walk around the marketplace.
- Waag (Weighing House).
Gouda is world-famous because of its cheese, I tell some fun facts.
- Turfmarkt (Peat Market).
I will tell you about the history of this 'sinking' Canal.
- Museum Gouda and St. Johns.
It is so nice to see the small canals and the old area!

This activity includes:

  • De Goudse Waag
  • Stadhuis van Gouda
  • Museum Gouda
  • Turfmarkt Gouda
  • Visbank
  • Saint-John Church
  • De Gouwekerk
  • Collected Stories
  • Coffee,tea,juice or water
  • Gouda Sirupwaffle

Our Guides

S. Hanraets — Guide of Walking Tour Gouda All Inclusive, global.countries.
S. Hanraets

Meeting point

Lage gouwe 62, Gouda

On arrival

The meeting point will be a 2-minute walk from the city hall of Gouda. Lage Gouwe 62 is the address. On the front window is written the name Collected Stories.

Free Cancellation

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English  |  2:00 PM
Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun
from €0 Tip based
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