Discover the Essentials of Dublin - Free Walking Tour

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Duration: 2h 30min
Provided by Jimena Alderete

Overview of the tour in Dublin

Hi everyone, I'm Jimena and I come from Argentina, welcome to Dublin!
I know that it rains almost every day but let me tell you about the interesting things that Dublin has to offer you and you will see how the rain is left behind.

We will talk about Irish and Viking history but, most importantly, you will discover the gastronomy of this country and the number of unique varieties of whiskey, beer, and cider that are produced and drunk in Dublin.

With me, you will know:

-Dublin Castle
-Garden castle
-Chester Beatty
-Saint Patrick
-Molly Mall one
-Temple bar
-Trinity College
-Viking Apple
-Viking map
-Former Parliament
-Current town hall
-Where to eat and where not to eat
-What to take and what not to take

And much more!
I'll wait for you!

This activity includes:

  • Trinity College Dublin
  • Town Hall
  • Dublin Castle
  • Temple Bar Inn
  • St Patrick's Cathedral
  • Molly Malone Statue
  • Chester Beatty

Meeting point

Bernardo square

On arrival

The meeting point of the tour is next to the City hall, I always with a red umbrella.

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