Free Tours in Romania

Offering you 32 tours in Romania

Tours in Bucharest

Join the ultimate street art & urban culture walk. Find out about street art, fashion, emerging artists, hidden historical gems and the latest trends.

Tours in Timisoara

Discover the history of Timisoara from a local's perspective on this walking tour, learn its past from the ruling of the Austro Hungarian Empire to... read more

Tours in Arad

Tours in Craiova

Get oriented in Craiova on a free walking tour with me. We'll see Traian Demetrescu, the Romanescu Park, the Botanic Park and other important highlights.

Tours in Iasi

Tours in Cluj Napoca

Discover Cluj on this unique tour where you will try the most complete experience combining 2 distinct fun activities renting a vespa and at the... read more

Tours in Bacau

Discover the charming Romanian city, Bacau, on this fascinating free walking tour with a friendly local guide, hear the history, experience the culture and get... read more

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