The pub crawl concept

Bar tours have become increasingly popular in the past few years, serving as a social gathering for tourists, solo travellers and expats that want to get acquainted with a new city.

A pub crawl (also called bar hopping or bar crawl) is the act of going from bar to bar and having a drink at each place with a big group of people, making stops at multiple locations in one night. Usually, it involves travelling by foot or public transport, so you should be prepared to walk a bit.

An authentic nightlife experience

A pub tour is not just about partying and drinking in great bars, it is also a good opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and interact with other people like you.

You will meet other fellow travellers and locals with a mixture of characters and personalities, which will add colour and memories to your epic night out. The perfect way to dive into the local nightlife and enjoy a shared experience!

The rule is simple: join the rest of the participants and local guides at the starting point, have one or two drinks there, and then move on to another nearby bar to do the same again. Pub crawls usually involve visiting four or five venues, including bars and nightclubs.

The perks of our bar crawls

On you can find hundreds of pub crawls all over the world! Avoid the routine touristy zones and discover the best lineup of bars in popular cities such as Barcelona, Budapest, Berlin, Dublin, Prague, and many more. Book online in advance and guarantee your spot for:

  • Free drinks or an hour of unlimited free alcohol
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  • The trendiest social hotspots to meet new friends
  • A fantastic team of friendly local guides
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