Where to Find the Best Tapas in Barcelona

Where to Find the Best Tapas in Barcelona

When it comes to restaurants Barcelona doesn’t fall short of options, and it can be difficult to choose where to try local food. One of the best and most typical meals in the city is the famous tapas, served both in restaurants and tapas bars.

But what, exactly, is a tapas bar? These traditional bars are normally owned by locals who have mastered the culinary art of preparing tapas and serving them on a daily basis, before lunch as an aperitivo or as a substitute for dinner. What makes tapas so famous among Spanish people is that, as they are smaller portions than regular dishes, you can have different types of food in the same meal, or even before eating the main course.

Tapas fit perfectly with a culture that includes spending many hours around the table, chatting with friends or family and enjoying the best food and drink. As choosing a place to eat tapas in Barcelona can be a tricky venture, we have gathered our favorite spots so all you have to do is go and feast on these delectable Spanish delights!

Here are our top ten places to enjoy the best tapas in Barcelona.


10 places to eat in Barcelona like a local


1. La Tasqueta de Blai

best tapas in barcelona Source: grupotasqueta.com


La Tasqueta de Blai is the perfect place to try pintxos in Barcelona. Here you are invited to sit along the bar counter, where all the pintxos are displayed, and choose the ones you prefer in a buffet style. It is important to keep the toothpick of each item, as its color shows the price.

The variety of options makes it difficult to choose: anchovies with salsa criolla, spicy sausage with thai mayo, ham, and cheese with Modena vinegar… And if that wasn’t enough, you can also order typical tapas such as patatas bravas or Spanish omelet. The food here is very affordable (each pintxo costs between 1-2 euros), which makes it one of the best cheap places to eat in Barcelona!


Address: Carrer de Blai, 17


2. La Cova Fumada

With its cozy atmosphere and privileged setting just a minute away from La Barceloneta beach, La Cova Fumada is clearly a good bar to try authentic tapas. The menu is written with chalk on a blackboard, and it includes a variety of fresh fish as it is a tradition in the former fishermen’s quarter.

Some of the specialties here are the sardines, octopus, and artichokes, but the owners are especially fond of a tapa called La Bomba. It is prepared using a family recipe (which is, of course, top-secret), and consists of a ball of potato stuffed with minced meat, battered and served with all i oli (a Mediterranean sauce made of garlic and olive oil) and hot sauce.


Address: Carrer del Baluard, 56


all i oli barcelona

"Garlic and oil", a Mediterranean sauce.


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3. La Mundana

Located only two minutes away from the busy Sants train station, La Mundana offers a modern take on tapas. All their plates are well presented and have a touch of influence from the Japanese, French and Mediterranean gastronomies.

It is an intimate and stylish place to enjoy traditional tapas with a hip twist. You shouldn’t leave without trying their oysters and ribs.


Address: Carrer del Vallespir, 93


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4. Perikete

 A firm believer in the classic gastronomy, Perikete offers one of the most typical Spanish experiences. With its ceiling full of hanging ham legs, this tapas bar is popular thanks to its casual atmosphere and a great selection of tasty wines.

Every evening both tourists and locals flock there to enjoy a lively time, local treats and a friendly atmosphere. Frequent clients especially recommend fresh seafood: octopus, calamari, and chipirones are prepared fresh and are totally delicious!    


Address: Carrer de Llauder, 6        





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5. Xanc i Meli

This buzzy restaurant was opened by two friends who shared a love for Cadaqués, a Catalan seaside town located in the Costa Brava. That is why their menu is a tribute to seafood: cod fritters, tuna ventresca salad, and sardines are just some of the tapas you can try there. The restaurant, decorated in a neat style, is usually packed with locals ready to pair their meal with a Catalan craft beer. It is located near the lively neighborhood of Gracia, which makes it the perfect stop after an evening of exploring its trendy streets. It is definitely a must on your Barcelona tapas tour!


Address: Carrer del Francolí, 53




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6. Veiga

Just two steps away from the Sant Pau Modernist Building, Veiga is a welcoming place that perfectly represents the Spanish term of bar de barrio (neighborhood bar). It is the meeting point of friends and families who live nearby to enjoy a drink and some tapas while catching up and discussing the last football match results.

As it has become quite popular, the friendly staff really help tourists choose between all the options and give recommendations. Everyone who tries this place recommends the mushroom and meat croquetas, Iberian ham and sangria. It makes an authentic experience for any visitor!  


Address: Carrer del Dos de Maig, 298  

7. Barra Alta

Located off the beaten tourist path, Barra Alta is where locals go to enjoy a fancy take on tapas. With its modern decor and elaborate plates, this restaurant offers a gastronomic experience full of flavor and attention to detail.

It is a good choice for a sophisticated meal, with lobster tartare, sepia ceviche and "pluma ibérica" being the stars on the menu. If you are still hungry afterward you should try one of their desserts prepared with quality ingredients that will surely satisfy your sweet tooth.  


Address: Carrer de Laforja, 11  



8. Bisavis

Eduard Ros is the chef in this small restaurant, and he is happy to give you the best recommendations from behind the Japanese counter where the culinary magic happens. This unpretentious yet classy place serves high-quality ingredients chosen carefully. Although there are not many options to choose from, all dishes are made with seasonal produce, which makes it a good option to try local and typical food. One of its specialties is the steak tartare, and the versatility of the menu makes Bisavis one of the best places to eat in Barcelona.
Address: Carrer de Tavern, 11 bis





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9. Quim i Quimet


If you go to Quim i Quimet you can expect much more than just having a meal. The friendly staff prepares the food right in front of you to order, so you can be 100% sure that it will be fresh and delicious. As it is usually full of clients waiting to eat, you will enjoy too the experience of the staff preparing different tapas at the same time, placing ingredients around and bringing each customer the proper plate in an unexpectedly organized way.

The main decoration in the bar is their wide selection of wines and liquors covering the walls, which makes choosing your drink far easier. With over a century of experience, it is no surprise that they are considered one of the best tapas bars in Barcelona!


Address: Poeta Cabanyes, 25


10. La Esquinica

La Esquinica is not in the city center, but a meal there is well worth the trip. With an extensive menu of typical Spanish tapas, this laid-back bar has become very popular among locals. They serve big portions of fried fish, grilled green peppers, snails, mussels, and plenty more besides, which makes choosing pretty difficult.

You can expect to enjoy the experience of waiters walking around crowded tables serving plates and more plates with a smile, welcoming clients and chatting with regulars. The top-notch service tops the delicious food and authentic atmosphere of this place.


Address: Passeig de Fabra i Puig, 296


As you can see, there are many kinds of tapas bars to choose from according to your taste and style. From the most traditional and budget-friendly to the hip, modern take on Spanish gastronomy, every Barcelona tourist can find their favorite place to enjoy a meal of typical tapas.



By Georgina Blasco
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