Things to Do in La Boca, Buenos Aires' Most Colorful District

Things to Do in La Boca, Buenos Aires' Most Colorful District

Make a pit stop in the colorful and truly authentic La Boca neighborhood to get a taste of true Porteño life on your Buenos Aires tour.

La Boca neighborhood might seem a little under the radar compared to the well-known Palermo, San Telmo, and Centro areas, but don't let that stop you from visiting this lively southeast quarter while in beautiful Buenos Aires (Argentina). 


Best things to do in La Boca Neighborhood

Here's our list of some of the best things to do in La Boca district to enjoy it to the full. Check out the Free Tour of La Boca neighborhood (available in English and Spanish) to see some of these highlights and more, accompanied by a local guide on your next Buenos Aires trip.


1. Dance along the cobbled El Caminito alley


things to do in la boca

See the town painted in red, pink, and other pastel hues in the colorful alley nicknamed El Caminito, or “little path” in Spanish. Here you’ll find yourself in the heart of a formerly run-down area that was transformed into a charming open-air art gallery running along the Riachuelo River. The traditional alley stays lively with tourists and tango dancers alike, who perform their passionate dance on the streets here daily.

El Caminito is famous thanks in part to the work of Argentine artist Benito Quinquela Martin, who spent three years thoroughly painting the walls and then constructing a theater at its end. The lively street was made significant when it inspired the famous 1923 tango Caminito.


things to do in la boca

Source: Flickr - Leandro Neumann Ciuffo [CC BY 2.0]

2. See the wax figures at Museo Histórico de Cera

Nearby El Caminito is another worthwhile stop, the small wax museum Museu Historico de Cera. It is a small but informative gallery containing some details about Argentina's traditions and customs. Expect to see interesting historical facts about the indigenous communities, gaucho, and tango's impact on the country, among others.

Dr. Enrique Del Valle Iberlucea 1261, Buenos Aires, Argentina


things to do in la boca el caminito

Source: Luis Argerich from Buenos Aires, Argentina [CC BY 2.0]


3. Visit the Museum Bellas Artes de la Boca (Benito Quinquela Martin)

Benito Quinquela's long-lasting legacy was set in stone for La Boca when he helped revive El Caminito as a permanent historical and cultural landmark for new audiences. Visit his former home and the museum that bears his name to learn more about his life and work.

Here you can see a charming snapshot of everyday life in La Boca among its mostly immigrant and working-class residents. The spectacular view of the wharf here is well worth the 20 pesos entry fee, as is the small gallery that displays other local Argentine artists.

Museo Bellas Artes de La Boca Benito Quinquela Martín, Av. Don Pedro de Mendoza 1835, Buenos Aires, Argentina 


4. Watch a Football Game at La Bombonera stadium

things to do in la boca stadium

Source: Flickr - Circuito Fora do Eixo [CC BY-SA 2.0]

The stadium that houses the ever-popular Boca Juniors football team is a must-see stop, even if you're not a die-hard fan like most of the local residents here. There's a museum you can visit inside the stadium, which tells the long history of the club. Its real name is Estadio Alberto J. Armando, though most call it La Bombonera, for its shape that resembles a chocolate candy box.

The stadium's unique shape has brought it international fame, beyond the Boca Juniors football team itself. Boca Juniors is one of the top teams in Argentina, counting over 16 million fans each year, the highest in all of Argentina. Fans of the team are often so rowdy and distracting that they've earned their own special section in the stadium and the name La Doce, or “the twelfth player,” in Spanish.

If you want to catch a game and see the super-fandom that exists here for yourself, you might need to do some serious research before scoring a ticket: they are the most popular team in Argentina, after all.

Estadio Alberto J. Armando, Brandsen 805, 1161 Buenos Aires, Argentina


5. Experience the Passion of Tango at Teatro de la Ribera

things to do in la boca

There's a colorful theater called Teatro de La Ribera in La Boca neighborhood, dedicated entirely to tango performances. Seating about 500 people max, it's a beautiful space that includes eight large-scale murals by the artist Benito Quinquela Martin at the entrance.

His generous donation inaugurated the small theater in the early 1970s. Teatro de La Ribera is dedicated to the various expressions of tango since 2010 and was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its dedication to preserving local traditions.

The neighborhood theater is a great place to experience authentic moves and raw emotions that characterize this particular style of dance.

Teatro De La Ribera, Avenida Don Pedro Mendoza 1821, La Boca, Buenos Aires, Argentina 


6. Sip on a Cappuccino at the Cafe in Fundacion Proa


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  Escape the crowds from up high at an international contemporary art museum with some of the top exhibitions in the city. Here you'll see work from Ai Weiwei and other renowned artists, as well as workshops, talks, and curated events. Make sure to check out their official website for updates on their event calendar. Built within a 19th-century mansion, you can take in some lovely panoramic views of La Boca neighborhood while sipping a cappuccino at their third-floor cafe.


7. Eat an authentic Italian dinner at Il Matterello





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Wine and spaghetti might be what the Italians do best – or at least this restaurant has the tastiest pasta dishes in La Boca, according to local reviews. Italians make up much of the immigrant population in this neighborhood, so it only makes sense to wine and dine at the top trattoria in town, and this place is it. Try the spinach and mushroom ravioli, or the homemade gnocchi with a glass of Malbec – most of the dishes here are prepared from scratch. It might be a good idea to take a taxi home after dinner here.

Il Matterello, Martín Rodríguez 517, Buenos Aires, Argentina

8. Check out the Conventillos Museum and Meet the Artists

Along El Caminito, you'll come across the Conventillos Museum, a lovely tenement that was named an official attraction by the local government for its historical significance. When you go inside, you'll be greeted by the husband and wife artist-pair whose paintings and sculptures are found throughout. Built in the 1800s, this renovated building has a room sharing the immigration stories of some of the people who made these tenements their home.

Garibaldi 1429 , La Boca, Buenos Aires, Argentina


How to get to La Boca in Buenos Aires

You can get to La Boca district from the center of Buenos Aires by public transport. Take any of these three buses, which stop near La Boca: Colectivo - 25A, Colectivo - 8, Colectivo - 86. The closest stops are Pinzón X Palos, Rodriguez Y Brandsen, Juan De Dios Filiberto X Olavarría, and Olavarría X Palos.

You can also get there by taking the subway line 'Subte C'.


If you're planning a trip to Buenos Aires, don't hesitate to join a free walking tour to discover La Boca. The streets are imprinted with art, political protest, and the stories and struggles of the working-class immigrants that settled in this district, now brimming with vendors and tourists.

La Boca is also famous for its thriving traditional cultural scene and popular local football team, Boca Juniors. This humble community might be where you'll feel the true soul of the Porteno come alive!


By Daniella Ciccone
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