Solo trip to Milan

Solo trip to Milan

Milan, located in the Lombardy region, is known worldwide as a fashion hub and a chic destination. It is also famous thanks to the captivating Duomo in the very center of the city, but there are many more charming landmarks worth visiting too. This Italian city hides many secrets waiting to be explored, and thanks to its cultural life and friendly locals it is one of the best destinations to explore alone. 

Read this travel guide and discover why you should take a solo trip to Milan!


Things to do in Milan

As a solo traveler, your priorities are to have many things to do in a safe destination. Accessibility is also important, so you should look for an easily walkable city where you can make friends with nice locals. Milan meets all these expectations: it is a safe place where you can easily spend a whole week without getting bored and you can get around on foot without any problem. Here are the best things to do in Milan as a solo traveler! 

Visit the Duomo 

The city’s cathedral is undoubtedly the most iconic place in Milan. This impressive building, known for its ornate facade and elaborate exterior, took nearly six centuries to complete. The Piazza del Duomo is the perfect place to admire it and take an Instagram-worthy selfie. If you want to go in, you will have to buy tickets: you can do so online but you should still go early to avoid queues! 

Visit Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II 

Right by the Duomo you can find Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, an impressive glass-domed shopping mall full of high-end stores. The triumphal arch entrance welcomes you into a luxurious site, decorated with mosaic floors and colorful columns. Even if you don’t want to buy anything, it is worth coming here to go window shopping and admire the beautiful interiors. It is one of the best things to do in Milan! 

Visit La Scala

Hidden behind the lively Piazza del Duomo stands La Scala, one of the most famous opera houses in the world. Inaugurated back in 1778, it has served as the backdrop to performances by many of the finest singers from around the world. Watching a play here is not cheap, but you can still visit the Theater Museum for less than 10 euros; if you are interested in the opera house’s history, this is a great opportunity to learn more about it. 

Visit Pinacoteca di Brera 

This art gallery contains an extensive collection of Italian paintings by renowned artists such as Andrea Mantegna and Francesco Hayez. It is a must on a solo trip to Milan, especially if you love art. Tip for budget travelers: if you can, you should visit it on the first Sunday of the month, as the entrance is free!

Take a walking tour

Taking a walking tour is a really good opportunity in a city like Milan: as most landmarks are located very close to one another, you can see a lot in less than two hours. You will also learn facts and secrets about the streets that you would otherwise miss, and your guide will even give you some tips to make the most of your trip! Meeting other travelers is another advantage of joining a tour, and you could make some new friends on your solo trip to Milan.

Trip to Milan

Where to eat in Milan 

No solo trip is complete if you don’t try local food and brag about it to your friends and family. Milan is full of trattorias and restaurants that serve iconic pizzas or traditional food from the region. As a solo traveler, you will want to experience the most unique places to eat in the city. Here are our two favourite spots to eat like a local in Milan! 


Panzerotti Luini 

Panzerotti are fried pastries stuffed with different fillings, and the ones in Panzerotti Luini are said to be the best in the city! Be ready to choose between different flavors: mozzarella with tomato sauce, spinach and cheese, aubergine, pesto, cheese with ham… Choose the ones you want and take them to go - there is no place to sit inside, but the surroundings are always full of people enjoying their panzerotti on the street. Don’t go too far away, though - if you want some dessert, you can go back and buy a sweet panzerotti with fruit, sugar, jam or walnuts. Good luck choosing only one! 


Navigli canals 

You can’t take a solo trip to Milan without exploring the area surrounding the Navigli canals. The streets around the canals have a special charm in the afternoon, when locals flock here to enjoy an after-work drink. Sit on a terrace and enjoy a traditional aperitivo or a glass of wine while you admire the sunset. It is a unique experience in Milan. 

Navigli canals


Day trip from Milan

Less than an hour’s drive from Milan, you can find the lovely city of Bergamo. This small city is divided in two different parts: the old walled town, called Città Alta (upper city), and the modern neighbourhoods in Città Bassa (lower city). To get from one to the other you can take the funicular and cross the stone walls, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

Città Alta is a charming area thanks to its incredibly well-preserved medieval flair. Here you can stroll around cobbled streets and admire fascinating buildings such as the Colleoni Chapel or the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore. You can enjoy a piece of pizza al taglio while you walk around and enjoy the views over the Lombardy region from the Parco della Rocca e Fauna Orobica. The whole experience makes a delightful day trip from Milan! 

We hope that this Milan travel guide will help you plan your trip to this fascinating Italian city. If you want to read more tips to visit destinations all over the world, make sure to check out our blog!


By Georgina Blasco
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