Pocket Guide to Berlin Beer

Pocket Guide to Berlin Beer

Is Berlin on your travel itinerary? Alongside its incredible history and remarkable culture, I'm sure German beer is up there on the list of reasons to go, or at least a perk to the trip! The problem with German beer is that there certainly is a lot of it. So we've put together a pocket guide to Berlin beer to keep you on track. Plus some other excellent German beers because why would we take those options away from you? Now I'm swirl'n'smell my beer kind've person but I am someone who really REALLY likes beer, and German beer being no exception...



Pilsner is a pale lager, and it's the most popular kind of beer on the market. Why not? It's that typical smooth crisp cold beer we like to sip on after a long day at work. And boy does Berlin have some good ones.

Radeberger - 4.8%


source: www.flickr.com/photos/scholewiak/

Voted the second best Pilsner in the world is all nice and good. But I find it to be fairly pleasant pale lager, nothing incredible however never disappointing. Kind've like new Simpsons episodes or watching re-runs of Family Guy.

Berliner Kindl - 5%


source: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/


A very typical German looking beer, golden colour, very good-looking but powerful beer. But most importantly I've never gotten a hangover from getting slaughtered on the stuff so that's a miracle you should all try!

Berliner Hell - 7%


source: nstagram.com/bierwelt

Not a pale ale, but none the less delicious. At 7%, you'd want to watch the amount of bottles you're consuming! Very rich in taste so I wouldn't recommend it with a heavy meal or drink it with the in-laws.


Kindle Wissen


 Screenshot_2015-08-07-13-16-04-minsource: instagram.com/ttpeps

A favourite around the country, let alone the world Although it's not originally a Berliner beer that shouldn't refrain you from the good stuff! A wee bit more on the pricey side, but sure you pay for quality.


Franziskaner Haufbrau


 source: webstagr.am/kunnnee

Another Munich beer, the Franziskaner Haufbrau is a delicious Dunkel beer. Actually been voted as one of the favourites amongst locals. It is actually really good, one of my personal favourites so keep an eye out!



source: instagram.com/ashleemurdoch01/

Now I've come to know the beauty of Löwenbrau in Croatia as it was cheap and available in 2Ltr bottles. Turns out it's like a really well-respected beer in Munich. Anyway, it's delicious so I guess that's the point.

There you have it guys! Now have the time of your life trying all these wunderbra biers (wonderful beers) out in the awesome city of Berlin.

Ich mögen bier, Ariel Johnston 

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