10 Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas for Globetrotters

10 Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas for Globetrotters

Christmas is fast approaching and holiday shopping can be stressful when you don't know what you're looking for when it comes to friends, family, and loved ones. We've all gotten stuck with those tacky reindeer jumpers before, well this year let's try to turn those frowns upside down! Get yourself into the holiday spirit and worry no more, HostelCutlure has got you covered with the perfect gift ideas for your travel-obsessed gift recipients and we know this list will deliver. Here are 10-holiday gift ideas for the globetrotters in your life.


Leica V-Lux


by Christian Sosa via Flickr

Every globetrotter, backpacker and traveller with an eye for photography absolutely need a great camera to capture their favourite moments abroad. The Leica V-Lux is compact but doesn't compromise on quality with a resolution that is four times greater than HD. It's convenient and perfect for the outdoors, indoors and everywhere in between.


Rei Vagabond tour 40


via rei.com

For the backpackers, campers, outdoor-lovers and globetrotters who like to travel light - the REI Vagabond is one of our favourites. This backpack is cushioned for maximum comfort, compact (fits in the overhead compartment) and solid as can be. The best part is it's versatile as it can be used as a duffel bag and backpack.


Contigo Autoseal Fit Water Bottle


via gocontigo.com

Probably the most unnecessary and frequent expense that travellers spend on is water. Water can be quite expensive, especially in certain parts of Europe. So, why spend when this snazzy bottle can fit in a backpack, purse or luggage, and is refillable? It's also spill-proof and stainless steel - guaranteed to keep your water fresh and cool wherever you go.


A Passport and Card Holder


by Normann Copenhagen via Flickr

You'd never think this would come in handy until you're standing at customs with your wallet in one hand, a passport in the other hand and your travel tickets in between.  Any brand is game, so long as it's made out of solid material that will last for several years (or, at least a few trips)! It makes travelling so much easier and keeps your documents in order for whenever you might need them. It's also a lovely reminder of you for the person you're giving this to.


Packing bags or Luggage Organizers


via go-travelproducts.com

Don't you just hate it when you open your bag after hours (or days of travelling) only to find your shampoo, conditioner or moisturizer spilled all over your clothes and electronics? Not fun. Getting an air-tight zip bag is probably the best solution for neat-freak travellers It saves a ton of space and gives you that little safety net for spills and accidents. It's great for soiled laundry, electronics and wet clothes. It's certainly a modern life-saver for those who like to keep organized (think: travel dresser with each packing bag representing an individual drawer).


Travel Clothing



Tis' the season of giving and what better gift than the gift of warmth? One of the most common packing mistakes is not taking weather-appropriate clothing on a trip. The North Face three-in-one jacket offers extra insulation and layering, so your traveller can layer according to the temperature. If you're going to purchase a jacket, make sure it's windproof and (possibly) water resistant, to prepare your loved one for rain and sunshine. Jackets and vests are great for any kind of traveller, whether a hiker, biker or city tourist.

 A Moisturizer with SPF Protection


Clinique For Men™ Broad Spectrum SPF 21 Moisturizer via clinique.com

Our skin is our largest organ and we often tend to neglect it, both women and men. From different factors like time change, dehydration, and extensive sun exposure, globetrotters tend to damage our skin and return from travelling looking tired and weary, not to mention dry. Choose an oil-free moisturizer with SPF, so their skin will stay hydrated and protected from the sun.

Solid Luggage Tag


le pavillion luggage tag via katespade.com

For those travellers in your life who prefer to check their bags under the plane, think about getting a solid luggage tag that stands out from others. It adds visibility on the conveyor belt when your gift recipient needs to locate their bag, and security (a good travel tag should have a place where they can write their address and contact details in the case of losing the bag). And you can't deny it looks adorable on a bag and fits perfectly into a Christmas stocking!


Portable Espresso Machine


via lumberjac.com

Coffee lovers, prepare to have your mind blown. This portable coffee machine makes a cup of joe anywhere including in the mountains, camping, on the beach, on the road - wherever. If there are an avid coffee lover and globetrotter in your life and you're still stuck on what to get them - this could be it. You'll be on their mind when they get their shot of coffee every morning. And it's so easy to use. The pump only needs hot water and your loved one can enjoy espresso anywhere they travel. They come in a bunch of different colours and are lightweight.


Portable Battery


via emtec-international.com

Portable batteries are a great gift for those who are always travelling and don't find themselves close to a power outlet. The Power Pouch is great because it's so compact and it charges anything from an iPhone to Android devices. With up to 27 hours of talking time, it's light and fits in any bag.

Happy shopping and Happy Holidays everyone! And remember that globetrotters and backpackers always need practical gadgets and things to organize their trips, so if you have any more ideas - comment below!

Aleksandra Koplik 
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