10 Things To Do In Budapest For Free

10 Things To Do In Budapest For Free

Whether you're on a budget or own several yachts in the Carribean, Budapest offers enough bewitching beauty that anyone can enjoy no matter how they have in their pocket. So have your camera at the ready and be prepared to make some seriously gorgeous memories with FreeTour.com's list of 10 things to do in Budapest for free.


10. Climb Gèllert Hill & View Budapest Below From Its Peak

things to do in budapest

Do not be put off by its rather daunting height, it is an odyssey worth pursuing as the views from the peak of Gèllert Hill are worth the loss of breath. It'll only 15 mins to actually get to Citadella at the top where you can check out the old Soviet military base and take in the scenery.


9. Check Out St.Stephen's Basilica


source: instagram.com/hostelculture

A masterpiece in its entirety, St.Stephen's Basilica is an unavoidable must-see. Located in the very centre of downtown Pest, it's certainly hard to miss. You have to pay to climb up to its dome, however, you can visit the Basilica for free.


8. Have A Stroll on Margit Island

Margit Sziget

source: instagram.com/gregan1996

Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer I've seen Margaret Island in each of Mother Nature's moods. I'll let you in on a secret; it's always beauteous. In its mighty 2km length, you can spend any lazy day wandering its grounds discovering Japanese gardens, feeding the duck and chat while watching the boats go by.


7. Window-shop Along Andràssy Avenue


source: upload.wikimedia.org

Gucci, Louis Vitton, Armani, the list goes on. This infatuating avenue play hosts to the most high-end stores in the world. But why did they pick this street? Well not only is Andrassy Avenue a World UNESCO heritage site, is often compared to the Champs Elysses but is lined with beautifully bricked buildings. It's ultimate the perfect place window-shop.


6. Check Out Vajdahunyad Castle at City Park


source: instagram.com/mammuth_

One of the youngest and delightful castles in Europe, Vajdahunyad Castle is appealing to both the eyes and the soul. Located behind Heroes Square it's easy to find. Also, it's surrounded by the leafy People's Park where you can rest your feet and chill out.


5. Walk The Danube


source: instagram.com/filiptreda

Anyone's first stroll along the Danube is one of the remarkable memories you can make. From either side of the Danube, you'll be able to absorb the architectural charm of Budapest. Walk from Margaret Bridge to Gellert Hill, or vice versa. Passing by the Chain Bridge, Parliament and the Buda Castle you'll never regret it.


4. Dive Into The Market Halls


source: commons.wikimedia.org

The Central Market Hall is an attraction on its own. The market culture is still thriving here in Budapest so this is the perfect place to soak it all in. If you are interested in picking up some local delicacies, check upstairs for some great places to pick up some cheap (and delicious) lunch. You can find their opening hours on the Central Market Hall website.


3. Watch the Sunset From Anywhere!


source: instagram.com/zeverz

Budapest's is known for its stunning architecture, true. But one thing which takes each and everyone's breath is its sunsets. Find any spot along the Danube, watch the sunset in the hazy purple sky and let the beauty of it all captivate you.


2. Gül Baba’s tomb and rosegarden


source: www.flickr.com/photos/muppetspanker/

One of Budapest's hidden gems. This little tomb and its rose garden is actually the most northern Turkish heritage site in Europe. Located on the Buda side, the tomb belongs to Gül Baba, a 16th-century Turkish poet. Surrounded by a beautiful rose garden with stunning views over Budapest, it's certainly a treasure worth finding.


1. Take A Free Walking Tour


source: www.generationtours.com


Walking tours are definitely the best to see any city, so why not take a free one? Generation Tours offers a wonderful free tour of Budapest daily. They not only have great guides who know their stuff! But they also encourage their guests to talk to one another, which is great whether you're a solo traveller or in a group of six.


That's all for now folks! Enjoy all the beauty Budapest has to offer.

By Catherine Munnelly
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