Royal Palace + Aranjuez City Center Route

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Duration: 1h 15min
Provided by Belen Diaz
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Overview of the tour in Aranjuez

hello! My name is Belén, I have a degree in Tourism and it is not the first time I work as a guide, although it is on my own. I have been living in Aranjuez for 10 years, as I came for a specific period of time, although its beautiful tourist resources, its natural environment and its people have made my stay last until today.

what are we going to see during this tour? We will tour the exterior of the royal palace, although on this occasion we will focus mostly on the riverside town center, visiting the exteriors of some buildings such as the Church of San Antonio, the Town Hall, the Royal Convent of San Pascual or the Palace of Godoy, among others.

If you want to know the eighteenth-century urban core of the Royal Site, where the Spanish monarchy spent long spring days and where the famous Mutiny of Aranjuez took place, do not hesitate to contact me and enjoy a privileged environment at the price you decide.

This activity includes:

  • Royal Palace of Aranjuez
  • Plaza de Parejas
  • Isabel de Farnesio Cultural Center
  • Aranjuez Town Hall
  • Teatro Real Carlos III de Aranjuez
  • Parroquia de San Pascual
  • Iglesia San Antonio de Padua

Meeting point

Jardín del Parterre.

On arrival

hello! Thank you for choosing this tour :). I will be in the small square next to the main gate of the Parterre Garden (between that gate and St. Anthony's Square). Also, I will be carrying a white backpack.

We will walk around the exterior of: Palacio Real + Plaza de Parejas + Casa de Oficios y Caballeros + Plaza de la Mariblanca and San Antonio Church + Teatro Real Carlos III + Ayuntamiento de Aranjuez + Centro Cultural Isabel de Farnesio + Real Convento de San Pascual + Iglesia de Alpajés + Palacio de Godoy.

see you in Aranjuez!

Things to note

It is important to remember that the entire tour will take place outside the buildings and monuments mentioned in the tour.

Free Cancellation

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Spanish  |  6:30 PM
Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun
from €0 Tip based
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