The tour stars in Miracles' square. As we walk around the square I will explain you the history of the monuments, of the square,of Pisan sea Republic, and also some interesting legends and facts that you can hardly found in any book.
Then we can walk towards Piazza Dei Cavalieri, the second most important - but still amazing- square , full of symbolism and still extremely important today.
We can move towards the river and walk along the breathless riverside, to get to some hidden places and treasures, like monuments and churches extremely important and for sure underrated.
In the city centre you can see some old buildings to see how Pisa looked like while it was the most important city of Tuscany,before being invaded by Florence, see some local or ethnic shop.
If you are starving you can have a good Aperitivo with an amazing view of the Tower of Pisa.
The tour is very flexible and I am at your disposal :)

This activity includes:

Miracles' Square - Piazza Dei Cavalieri - Arno

Meeting point

piazza dei miracoli

On arrival

piazza dei miracoli

Things to note

We can arrange it by PM


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