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Acerca de nosotros

Acerca de nosotros FREETOUR.com

Acerca de nosotros

Freetour.com is a platform that helps you to find the best free walking tours and local guides worldwide. We at Freetour.com are experienced travelers and tour guides ourselves, we have ran free tours in different cities for different companies before we started the project Freetour.com and is because of this why we are so passionate about this incredible concept. We believe travelling and discovering new cities should be affordable to everyone and by taking a free walking tour you decide how much you want to spend, you can always leave a tip to your free walking tour guide who works for tip and we believe this should be in proportion to the service you received and to your budget.

We have started the journey of promoting this great concept and we will always continue to add more and more popular walking tours from all over the world. As well as new features to the site that will help travellers like you find the right tour that fits your group before you get to your next destination.


FREETOUR.com is part of the HostelCulture Group, a Dublin-based provider of travel-related online services to customers and local partners globally through a platform of different brands. Collectively, HostelCulture Group operates in 150 countries worldwide and our mission is to make real local culture & authentic, quality experiences easily accessible for more travellers.

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