There is wealth of fantastic restaurants, cafes and pubs serving traditional Irish food in Dublin.

  • As with any city, places in and around tourist-dense areas, although highly populated with options, tend to be a bit pricier than elsewhere just a short distance away so it's worth exploring the fringes of the likes of Temple Bar when hungry if you want to save a few euros.
  • Keep your eyes open as you are out and about as many eateries will advertise special meal deals such as a traditional main course with a pint for example. Also, many places will also offer lunch menus (typically noon to 4 or 5pm-ish) and 'early bird' menus (generally between 5pm to 7pm).
  • A 'full-Irish breakfast' is an ideal way to start your day, especially if you've had a few pints the night before. It usually consists of sausage, bacon (rashers), traditional black pudding (pig's blood), beans, egg, tomato, mushrooms, toasted bread and tea or coffee, and sometimes hash-browns. Café Sofia on Wexford street does an amazing Irish breakfast for a great price (€7.50) and even does a cracking vegetarian version.
  • Always, always ask your lovely local guide on the Free Tour of Dublin for recommendations for food. They know the city inside out and are totally up to date on all things culinary in Dublin. And more than happy to give you genuine, independent recommendations.