Temple Bar is a cobble-stoned stretch of pedestrian street with numerous side streets and passageways occupied almost entirely by restaurants, cafés and tourist-aimed pubs, with a sprinkle of vintage-ware shops and the odd gallery. As it tends to be dominated mainly by tourists rather than locals it is a bit pricier to frequent, particularly in pubs, with drinks costing well above the standard rate than in pubs mere meters from this 'cultural quarter' but it is quiet the concentration of tourist-friendly fun with a fantastic high tempo atmosphere and party vibe at night thanks to the array of different pubs, bars, eateries and street performers. But it wasn't always so and the history of this stretch of Dublin is a very interesting an varied one, from brothels and shady characters to squatting and being a centre of creativity & the artistic community to the current popular area, famous world-wide as a focal-point of visitor nightlife. Temple Bar is included on the Free tour of Dublin recommended by freetour.com and is an ideal way to get in-depth knowledge of the area's history from a local guide as well as local insider tips.

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