This enclosed park was opened to the public in 1877 thanks to Arthur E. Guinness, a member of the famous Guinness brewer family, having been only accessible to residents of the houses surrounding the perimeter of the park since 1664. It is still enjoyed today by people in Dublin city as one of many idyllic green spaces sprinkled about the concrete of Dublin's urban centre. St. Stephen's Green park is 9 hectares of the city whch contains many notable features including decorative fountains and ponds & lakes accommodating ducks, swans & waterfoul, a number of statues in commemoration of historic events like the great famine and famous local artists and writers such as James Joyce and iconic Irish leaders of rebellions & risings. The park was occupied by up to 250 insurgents during the Easter Rising of 1916 and gunfire was temporarily halted on occassion to allow for feeding of the local ducks in the park. The park is steeped in remarkable history as well as being a modern city park, perfect for strolling and relaxing in and is included as part of the Free Tour of Dublin recommended by

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