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Dimitris Thanassas


My passion is to show the world what “being Greek” means.

They say that Greek philosophy is the basis for western civilization. But Greek life is more than that. It’s also about the appreciation for life’s little moments. It’s about authentic hospitality. It’s about being heroic and humble at the same time. It’s about forgiving and forgetting. It’s about dreaming big. It’s about loving the sun, the earth, the sea, the olive tree, the forest. It’s about a glass of good local wine. ALL THESE, make Greeks special. And I want the world to know…

I am an experience-provider professional, offering this unique look into the local Greek culture, by organizing, showcasing and providing authentic greek-life EXPERIENCES and ACTIVITIES.

I’m also a Computer Scientist and a Marketeer by profession. I have a PhD from Imperial College and I run my own business in Exports and Online Promotion.

My wife Marina has a degree in Biology and is a high school teacher by profession, teaching Physics, Chemistry and Biology. We also have two daughters, Aggeliki, 14 and Maria, 12.