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Generation Tours


Showing you Europe and loving it!

At Generation Tours our mission is to make authentic local culture easily accessible, connecting smart travellers with locals while embracing the fun, social spirit of travelling.

With over 20 different free walking tours each day across our network of cities, we bring you more than anyone else and connect you with great guides who share their knowledge & passion for tips only, so a top-quality tour is guaranteed! We know you want to make the most of your journey and get more than the standard ‘touristy tour’. The passionate young professional freelance guides and local ambassadors we work with give you more than facts and dates to provide you with an unrivaled insider perspective - showing you their city, history, culture, sites, stories & legends, the social hubs, ‘in’ places and quirky oddities of their home city while giving you an exciting, informative, entertaining & valuable tour regardless of your budget. Although the only income they receive for the free tours are tips, they'll never pressure you to give, their goal is to deliver an entertaining, informative and unforgettable tour and we are happy to recommend these to great hostels as an unbeatable experience for their guests.

Our Guides