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Top 5 Baths in Budapest

Top 5 Baths in Budapest

The famous baths of Budapest are by far one of the most popular attractions the city has to offer. Unlike many famous sights in Europe, though, Budapest's baths aren't just for tourists - they're a favourite pastime of locals as well. Why are baths so popular here? According to Lonely Planet, "Budapest sits on a patchwork of almost 125 thermal springs," and bathing has been the thing to do since Roman times. While you'd do well "taking the waters" at just about any bath in the city, we've rounded up a few of our favourites to get you started.


Szechenyi Baths

Szechenyi BathsFlickr

Over 100 years old and has played host to more than 100 million bathers, Szechenyi Baths are easily the city's most famous baths. While there are 18 pools and baths here, two major ones dominate the central courtyard -- one about air temperature (warmer in winter, cooler in summer), the other about the temp of a jacuzzi. There are plenty of free lockers here as well as a beer and cocktail bar and cafeteria. In short, you'll be set for the whole day.


Rudas Baths

Rudas Baths


While most of the baths in Budapest are of the traditional Roman style, there are several famous Turkish baths, too. When Buda was occupied by the Ottomans, they constructed many of these gems, which is why you'll find most of the Turkish baths in Buda and the Roman baths in Pest. Of these Turkish baths, our favourite is Rudas Baths. While the swimming pools are mixed-gender (swimsuit required), the steam room is open to men and women on different days. Don't miss out on the amazing spa treatments or the late night bath experience from 10 pm to 4 am Friday and Saturday nights.


Palatinus Baths

Palatinus BathsFlickr

In addition to being cheaper than many other baths in Budapest, Palatinus also boasts the only wave pool in Central Europe. These baths really have it all, from thermal pools to waterslides, not to mention separate leisure pools and adventure pools -- ideal if you're nursing a headache and need some peace and quiet. The fact that lounge chairs need to be rented at 600HUF means that you won't have to battle the crowds to find a seat, as at some other baths.


Dandar Baths

Dandar baths

Wikimedia Commons

Refurbished in 2014, Dandar Baths are our favourite more under-the-radar spot for a soak. They're smaller, but also quieter and less expensive than the better-known baths. You'll still benefit from thermal pools as well as a diving pool. There are plenty of massage services available, too!


Gellert Baths

Gellert baths

Wikimedia Commons

This historic bathhouse is second only to Szechenyi in fame. Gellert Baths offer a truly luxurious-feeling surrounding with both indoor and outdoor pools. In addition to the usual suspects -- thermal baths, steam bath, sauna -- it also offers medical treatments by prescription. Looking to get rid of those pesky tan lines? Check out the naturist sun terraces.

What do you think: would you go nude at the Turkish baths or naturist sun terraces? Or are those waterslides and wave pool more appealing to you?

Kelly Bryant