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8 Ways to Make your Flight Extra Comfy

Flying can be super tedious but we've made a list of ways you can make your flight experience extra comfy. Dressing comfortably, staying hydrated, and keeping a few travel accessories on hand is sure to keep you relaxed and prepared for the ride ahead of you, long or short. Here's our list of 8 ways to make your flight extra comfy:


A smile goes a long way...


via Pixabay.com

One of the best ways to get a better seat on a flight, an extra pillow or blanket or even an extra meal (those darn aeroplane trays are so small!) is to be friendly to the flight crew and attendants who are responsible for actions like handling your luggage, booking or seating on a plane. You can usually get away with overweight luggage or sometimes even score an emergency aisle seat (can someone say extra leg room?) just by being polite and sparing a smile.


Movement is Medicine


via travel.cnn.com

During long haul flights, don't forget to leave your seat every hour or so and stretch those muscles. Think airplane yoga ninja. Just a few neck rolls, shoulder stretches and forward bends can increase blood flow along with walking up and down the aisle a couple of times, And by preventing unwanted aches and soreness throughout the flight, you'll arrive at your destination ready to rush to customs and get on with your trip!


Dump the uncomfortable shoes


via Pixabay.com

Flying, especially long distances, can drain even the most energetic globetrotter. You can still have style without compromising comfort by ditching the dress shoes or heels and investing in a solid pair of stylish runners. If you're travelling to a warm destination, consider wearing sandals (we love Birkenstocks!), a great option for city dwellers and beachgoers. If you're on an especially long flight, consider investing in compression socks. Your feet will thank you, ready to jump out of your seat after landing and take on the adventure ahead.


Stay Hydrated: Inside and Out



via evianspray.com

When we travel by plane a combination of factors like sleep deprivation, air conditioning (or heating), limited movement and dehydration can play a serious role in the way we feel and how our skin looks. Drink at least 1 cup of water every 2 hours that you're in the air and don't hesitate to ask for refills - the water is there for you? Alternatively, bring an empty water bottle through security and fill it up at a water fountain if it's a safety standard! To avoid drying your skin, invest in a small bottle of facial spray (50ml is carry-on approved), It'll keep your skin fresh, clean (removes impurities) and hydrated on the flight, while relieving any irritation, so you don't have to worry about breakouts or that stuffy plane air.

Travel Pillow



source: Amazon.com

Unfortunately, plane seats are simply not designed for optimal comfort unless you're sitting in first class. And not all planes offer pillows or blankets either. The problem lies in the neck and head when you're trying to get some rest. The solution? Bring your own compact travel pillow! You can find plenty of versions from plush and velvety to funky patterns and blow up (add air when in use and fold and store in your bag on the go). We like Total Pillow. It's versatile: not only does it come handy on a flight or bus ride, but it's also useful for a camping trip and any other time you're in need of support. An essential for any seasoned traveller or backpacker.


Reading On-the-Go


source: Pixabay.com

For all the reading enthusiasts out there, travelling with an electronic reading companion is better than hauling a library. An e-book reader is an eco-friendly option that allows you to bring your favourite books, magazines and articles on the plane without worrying about the weight of your carry-on. Quick tip: Don't forget to take it out of your carry-on when going through security, because who wants to cause line delays?


Noise Cancelling Headphones


source: Pixabay.com

Sure, they're generally geeky-looking and people will probably stare, but guess who will have the last laugh when a crying infant starts screaming during the whooole flight? That's right, the person with the noise cancelling headphones. And luckily there are many styles and budgets out there for you to find your perfect pair. Ah, peace and quiet...


Bonus *Luxury Flight Item* Sleep Bracelet


source: via philipstein.com

Wish you could just sleep through your flight comfortably and with no interruptions? Apparently, with this Philip Stein bracelet, you can. Celebrities like Oprah Winfrey wear them to ensure a deep sleep, using the bracelet's Natural Frequency Technology. We know, you're probably thinking, this must cost a pretty penny. It does, which is why we're adding this as our bonus luxury item! Worth a shot if sleep is a priority on a long flight, don't you think?

What are your ways of staying comfortable during a flight? Share your comments below and have a safe and pleasant journey!


Aleksandra Koplik