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11 Excuses To Visit Barcelona

If you're reading this it means you either want to go Barcelona, have been before and want to go or it's 3am and you've somehow ended up in this particular page on the internet. Either way, here's 11 excuses to visit Barcelona! Start planning your next vacation ASAP!


11. Food. Food is always a good way to start off things.


source: instagram.com/abzsolutely


10. Beautiful gardens are always worth checking out


source: instagram.com/xmaiamyx/


9. Pretty Buildings...

source: instagram.com/sarapml

8. Great Artists


source: instagram.com/michikowaki/

7. Beautiful Markets


source: instagram.com/broadoakphotography/


6. Three words. World's Best Sangria ¡Hola!


source: instagram.com/weiwei_food_diary888/

5. I hear they have a pretty decent football team...


source: instagram.com/onlyfor_neymarjr/

4. They have the most incredible sunsets


source: histrionicenlightenment.tumblr.com/

3. It's one of the best cities in Europe to party in!


source: www.hostelculture.com 


2. Actually the sunrise ain't bad either


source: instagram.com/katmansour/

1. And all those crazy nights out you can just chill out at the beach

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

source: gretakstnr.tumblr.com/

Ahhhhhh yeah! Time to start planning your next trip I think *winky face*.

Catherine Munnelly