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The City of Pallas Athena Verified by FREETOUR.com

Provided by Danae
Spanish  |  10:00 AM & 7:00 PM
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We will start the from the Academy of Athens, passing through the Museum of the Currency, we will continue through Syntagma Square to contemplate the Royal Guard. The National Gardens, The Temple of Zeus and the statue of Lord Byron, Acropolis, Plaka, Roman Agora and its magical Tower of the Winds and finally the Greek Agora. A general return, from the outside to the most human face of the city to which many consider the mother of Europe and Western thought. A conversation between the streets that saw the birth of Philosophy, which hosted the conversations of Plato and his master, who were part of each of Aeschylus' works. Who knows how many times Aristotle looked at the Acropolis in search of inspiration?
A city with a soul, that stole mine ten years ago, since then it is my passion to take care that people who come from outside, understand what I understood. That the stones of Athens speak more of their future than of their past :) Athens is much, much more than stones.
Do you come for a walk?

This activity includes:

  • Monastiraki
  • Sintagma
  • Plaka
  • Agora
  • Ciudad moderna
  • Ciudad vieja
  • Mitologia
  • Historias
  • leyendas

Meeting point

Parada de Metro Panepistimiou (En los Edificios Neoclasicos)

On arrival

I'll be at the metro station "Panepistimiou", in front of the three classic buildings. It is the exit that gives to the biggest Avenue.

Things to note

Booking for this tour is required to reserve your space specially during high season. This helps us to guarantee you'll receive a top quality tour!

Spanish  |  10:00 AM & 7:00 PM
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Organized by Danae
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